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    Chair Yoga
    Gentle Yoga with neck and                    shoulder stretches.  Feel more at          ease in your body and peace in 
    your mind. Gentle practice for all          levels.  13 minute practice.
Chair Yoga - Neck and Shoulders

Chair Yoga - Neck and Shoulders

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      Flow & Roll Away Tension
     Using your breath and gentle               movement release tension and             stress from the body and mind.
     Props needed:  1 rolled blanket             and 1 block
     60 minute practice.
Balancing  Breath 
Learn to practice Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breath.
This breathing technique acts as a purification (Shodhana) of the subtle energy meridians (the Nadis).
As it helps balance the nervous system, it is useful when you feel uptight or confused. It calms the mind yet leaves you mentally alert. This can be done sitting on the floor using a cushion or in a chair.  There is a short meditation at the end for befriending the mind.  5 minute practice.
Letting  Go of Negativity
In this short, dynamic yoga practice, let go of whatever it is you no longer need and bring in what you want more of.

This gentle yoga practice uses asana (postures), recitation and mudra (symbolic hand gesture) meditation to release negativity and invite positive energy into your life.
15 minute practice.