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Three Souls Wellness presents: 

Spring Renewal- Atma Prema (Self-Love)

 Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica!
March 18-23, 2024

Costa Rica Retreat March 2024 2.jpg

Join us in Costa Rica for a Atma Prema (Self- Love)

Yoga and Wellness Retreat!

March 18-23, 2024

Step into the healing arms of Costa Rica, and immerse your senses through a mindful journey into nature. Renew your body, mind and spirit with the nourishing and empowering principles of Atma Prema (Sanskrit w
ord for Self-Love).

Enjoy this YOGA-ECO travel adventure at the magnificent Vida-Asana Sanctuary in Playa Hermosa, where Three Souls of Wellness (Johanna Vega, Romi Tarlamis and Fabienne Grossman) will share their hearts, while weaving a patchwork of experiences through Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Ayurveda Wisdom, Creative Art, and Cultural exploration.

Join us in Costa Rica to replenish and restore!

Come soak in the beauty of nature, nourish yourself, connect with
friends, enliven your senses, and inspire your heart.

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