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Yoga students have said they enjoy taking yoga practices with Fabienne as it
makes them feel better and it is a positive experience. These practices offer them a place toconnect, stretch, meditation and feel good.

"What I enjoyed most about the 200 hr RYT training  was the easy, nurturing, supportive and focused energies of Fabienne and our guest teachers. The right balance of effort and ease!  At every moment, I felt seen, supported, and lifted to explore my best".

Michaella Ripp- RYT 200​

"The Yoga Teacher Training made me a healthier, more conscious and more patient person.  What I most enjoyed in the program is the great number of possibilities it offers for students to deepen their knowledge in so many different aspects".

Sandra – RYT 200​

"I have seen so many benefits since practicing yoga. The main benefit being my overall energy and flexibility.

I think it is such a wonderful practice and believe that it is beneficial for anyone".


"Teacher Training was an incredible positive experience for me. I was relatively new to Yoga when I signed up for training. I loved the way yoga made me feel and wanted to deepen that experience and my

Teacher training is just the beginning. One of the beautiful things about yoga is that you can continue to learn and grow in your practice indefinitely.Teacher training is a perfect foundation for continued growth and an opportunity to share your practice with others".

Janet, RYT 200​

"The (Teacher Training) program helped me grow my personal practice, awareness and sense of calm. I loved it all and would definitely recommend this program".

Amy, RYT 200​

"It has been a wonderful opportunity to train in this studio with such wonderful, knowledgeable teachers and in such a relaxing environment. The program, I believe, is designed in a very simple nonthreatening way which enables anybody to really learn about what is yoga and feel inspired to continue the journey".

Rebecca, RYT 200​

"Teacher training at Weston Yoga has truly been one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences in my life. The content was enlightening and the process was full of warmth, exuberance and support. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to take their personal practice deeper and/or would like to explore teaching yoga".

Laura, RYT 200

 "Fabienne has been our yoga instructor for over four years.   She is a wonderful, caring teacher and we certainly value and benefit from her knowledge and compassion. "

Rob and Marlene Teitler

"Since I was in my early twenties I was drawn to yoga. I think the stretching felt so good and helped with maintaining my posture since I’m a tall person. The spiritual aspect of yoga appealed to me since I felt a connection with the energy of the universe. Doing yoga with Fabienne has been a highlight for me especially during these strange times. It’s as if I get a “tune up” for my body and inner peace whenever I’m in her class. The benefits are numerous for me, alignment of the spine, increased flexibility and an overall positive feeling. So grateful to have Fabienne as a yoga guide." 
Denise Bakiewicz.

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